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About Artist Lindi Kirwin

Lindi Kirwin was born in Bowdon, Cheshire, UK in 1959. She is a professional, primarily a self taught artist with broad artistic skills, taking her inspiration from her journey of life itself along with an abundance of imagination.

Her passion of figurative work is tastefully provocative and her abstract paintings are executed with a very colourful palette. Whatever the artistic genre Lindi chooses, her muse is always to provoke the viewer enough to lose themselves in what they see and perhaps ‘question’ what they observe in the work, evoking an emotional response; “I love art that has depth”.

Internationally recognised and widely published, Lindi works full time in her studio at Vernon Mill. She is regularly contracted to supply Interior Design original artworks to bars and restaurants throughout the UK; currently providing botanical themed artwork and hand-painting on mirrors with fashionable shabby chic techniques.
However, her styles are versatile and eclectic, using various media, ranging from acrylics, mixed media, to illustration, depending on what my clients’ require, whether that is commercial or private work.
People remember Lindi for her figurative and ‘Erotica In Nature Using Pointillism’ work which is exhibited in Cologne, Las Vegas, London/UK. She is a selected member of The Guild of Erotic Artists, but Lindi deliberately likes to diversify to demonstrate my broad spectrum of abilities.

The Art of Lindi Kirwin

Vulnerability In The Landscape


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