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About the Artist

Our passion is the production and distribution of contemporary, high-class bronze sculptures. They´re produced in traditional wax-casting process (cire perdue), patinated in different bronze shades and some coated with a lasting 24 carat hard gold or silver plating. By refinement with real gemstones (diamonds, rubies, emeralds and others) many of our pieces are embellished and revalued to precious luxury goods.

All our sculptures are masterpieces by internationally renowned artists. They´re produced in limited editions and will be delivered with an adequate certificate of authenticity. We wish you pleasure in viewing our high-class bronze exhibits of the famous FINE ARTS Wohnkultur collection.

The Art of Don Alberto Carlos


Lovely Lady

3.400,00 2.550,00

The Dali Head erotic sculpture

8.600,00 5.550,00

Bondage Lady on chair

1.590,00 960,00
Devote Lady Bondage

Devote Lady Bondage

699,00 469,00
Lucy - hanging bondage

Lucy – hanging bondage

Robo Lover

Robo Lover

Phallus in Hand

Phallus in Hand

Sadista lifesize table

Sadista lifesize table

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